13 thoughts on “Quick update

    1. My owl says hooooot back. She made it through the storm and 5 days later we finally have phone and electric and water. Thanks for checking!!!!


    1. No power so i didnt get anything. It was out much longer than expected. My entire body very tired. No wifi. No water. No ac. Ughhhh. Very hard. If not for muscle disease would have managed bettter. Thanks so much for caring!!!!!!!!

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    1. Oh my gosh. I had hoped 5 days without power would not be so bad. We are lucky no damage. So many had damage but no ac / water, electric, spent time in the car getting cooled off in the driveway. Finally power just came on. Thanks so much for thinking of me

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    1. I don’t know if I am ok or not!
      5 days no electric I think for able body person would be ok but my arms and legs barely feel like they survived carrying the water to flush the toilets and trying to get by on little food. Unable to drive. My husband went out and got things here and there but we ran out of ice, stores ran out of ice, stores ran out of water, had to get water from a friend who had it just to flush toilets. It was a struggle. A real struggle. But we survived…. I think…

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      1. Power just came back. They said they brought in 800 out of the state people to help them. They fucking knew this hurricane was a monster. Unprepared I guess. I don’t know. I had water for 4 days so i was one short


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