Mama squirrels are scared of the hurricane too

This mama squirrel comes and sits on our window sil and has for years. She does not like the rain. She is very pregnant. She has been working on her nest round the clock. The hurricane will hit soon and I hope she is safe poor little thing. She has been there since this morning as I have been cooking and cleaning and moving around. She just lets me talk to her through the window. 

Sorry for spider web placed directly in front of her that kind of blocks the clarity of the video. 


23 thoughts on “Mama squirrels are scared of the hurricane too

    1. She has been coming here for a few years now. She always comes right up to my daughter. We don’t know if she is one we rehabbed years ago or not but she is just so precious. And every single rain she sits on that ledge and watches us. Seeing her so pregnant I worried for her though!

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      1. No my husband is at work for 20 something hours and I am unable to drive. We are stuck here but have prepared as much as we can . Thank you for caring!


    1. Finally back after 5 days of no power or water or ac or anything. Was miserable. But mama squirrel is ok and owl are ok. I’m pretty exhausted from carrying buckets of water to flush toilets

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