When a monster storm is headed your way….

Due to hurricane preparations I stepped outside last night for a moment and there was this beautiful blue and white dotted insect with a red tip on his tale on a flower. A very interesting LARGE amount of translucent lizards. I have no idea what they were but they were everywhere last night! A precious tree frog looking into my living room through my front door. And since I could not go anywhere to take a picture of flowers today my husband brought me home some pink flowers….awwwwwwwww!!!!!!!

Unfortunately my daughter and I both caught viruses so I am trying very hard to fill buckets of water to be able to flush the toilets as we are on a well and with no electric means no use of toilets, and I am refilling water bottles with sink water.  Cell phones charged. Safety room stocked. Flashlights have batteries. Wheelchair charged. 

Please pray for us Floridians. This storm looks like a monster!!!!!! I don’t even know what “stay safe” means. A nice phrase? I mean there is no gas around here and no water at the stores so we are prettty much stuck here and since I can’t drive us anywhere “stay safe” just means don’t go outside and get blown away. I’d rather hear ” sending the best thoughts/prayers/ your way that you and your family are safe from this storm and that your home doesn’t get it’s roof ripped off or get flooded”. But maybe it’s just a play on words. Either way I am FREAKING out about the fact that we are here alone with this monster hurricane coming. All I can do is pray that it just skips right over us and I can look at the lovely flowers my husband brought to cheer me up! Trying to stay as positive as I can. Some days, especially like this, are harder than others. Anticipatory stress is one of my downfalls. Flowers. Focus on the flowers. 

29 thoughts on “When a monster storm is headed your way….

  1. OH my god, I’m freaking out now too. I had no idea until a little while ago how big the winds are supposed to be. I was watching a youtuber just now, talking about taking off from Florida, not sure what part he lives in, but apparently it doesn’t matter because the whole state is supposed to get hit as I understand it. Anyway, he left Tues and drove to Chicago where his family lives and even at that point, he was finding most gas stations out of gas and water. He made it but listening to him made me think of you.

    And my mother.

    She lives in Ocala. And all this time all this talk about the hurricane I didn’t think much about it as far as she’s concerned because she’s inland. But that doesn’t seem to matter though and plus I guess I didn’t want to think about her much either. Cause, well you know. I don’t have to explain that part to you.

    I was going to write a post but it was really you I wanted to reach out to so I’m putting it here. I hope it’s ok. If not, don’t approve it. It’s enough that you read it.

    I do hope that my mother is ok. I just had the thought to reach out to her, but I don’t think that would be a good idea. She has friends down there, she is resourceful and she even could have come back up this way for all I know. So she will most likely be fine.

    I hope that you are ok too, through it and I’m looking to the other side of this monster. I’m so pissed off about this hurricane shit. They need to go back out to sea and leave us humans alone.

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    1. Holy shit your mom is only 30 minutes from me!!!! Now THAT is some crazy shit right there!!!!
      Yeah. Gas stations out of gas. People acting and going crazy at grocery stores. Out of water each day. I was out filling up buckets now with a hose to flush the toilets with and i refilled all the water bottles riley used with sink water since they were out of water. It is so scary. Just being without power and being without ac and being with out use of water. If i weren’t sick and riley weren’t well we could travel but i can’t drive more than a few miles so that’s out. As long as your mom is not in a trailer she should be ok because she is even further north than we are.
      It’s weird to worry about someone that is an asshole though right? I was worried about my mom too and even missed her and then thought ” where in the fuck is your head right now!” I guess we are good people and don’t wish harm on anyone even though they disregarded our feelings which makes us badass people. But it is a gray area with me. I have a love hate with my mom and wish I could make up my mind but i never seem to be able to and so I just go back and forth and back and forth. It’s a mess over my stupid mother and as soon as the hurricane passes she will go right back into the dislike box I am sure.
      You can always post whatever you want for me!!!!!!
      I sent you an email.

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      1. Oh man! My mother is 30 minutes from you! Yep that is crazy shit. I’m shaking my head at the thought of that.

        I saw her house once in a video of my brother’s on YT so if she’s there, she’s in a sturdy house. Her best friend is also down there too with her husband so she may even be with them, either at her own house or theirs. I have no idea.

        I did not follow up with B and ask him to call. I don’t want that complication, nor do I need it.

        I had to laugh at what you said, “It’s weird to worry about someone that is an asshole though, right?

        You bet it is. So so weird.

        It sucks you can’t leave. It sounds and seems so scary with all the gas being out and the water too. The gas prices have gone up here.

        Ok, I’m going to check the email now.

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    1. Thank you! My husband just said we are supposed to get 100mph winds for 5 straight hours. That will not be good at all. Not at all!!!!!! Plus he will be gone because he is a first responder and we will be home alone. Thank you for prayers

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      1. Yes, it will hit the Keys on Sunday morning, then Florida wes in the afternoon with 100 mph, that’s about 5 hours. The Keys may have nothing left when it passed. The eye if the hurricane goes right through the Key, west, then goes north. No, it’s NOT good at all!!!

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    1. Ughhhhhh I wish our windows were boarded. My husband is at work until 6am and then goes right back after a few hours of sleep and the storm hits us full force tomorrow. I am very worried but as prepared as much as I can be. If I could drive further I would have bought more preparations but I can only do so much unfortunately. Thank you for caring!!!!! So praying we don’t get damage here. And that the electric is not out forever. I worry about that because of the muscl disease I have. I cannot get too hot or it could cause a deadly reaction called awake malignant hyperthermia that my doctors has warned me about for years. And go figure my daughter cannot regulate her temp because of her POTS/dysautonomia. We are a mess over here. Good thoughts appreciated!

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