You can still fly if you are broken

I had the tiniest of wheelchair walks for mindfulness. It was just around the block because my daughter was ready for lunch and I had a visitor coming over. I thought, ” I am going to make this a sound mindful walk.” So I focused on only the sounds. The crickets and the birds and the thunder. All of the outside noises the breeze was making with the trees. I didn’t LOOK for anything like I usually do to focus on mindfulness. BUT, I was almost home and I saw this butterfly. I stopped and watched her. I gasped. Which I typically do when I see things in nature that tap into the inner most parts of the joy in my heart. This butterfly was missing the entire left side of her bottom wing. It was just gone. Yet, she was flitting around flower to flower. She was flying beautifully as if not one thing was wrong with her. Was she in pain? How did she lose her wing? How long did it take for her to compensate for the loss? For the wound? I looked at her in a split second wondered all of these things about her. Then I looked at her in awe. Wounded, broken, ripped apart, and YET this girl still flew. What an inspiration this one butterfly gave. After I got home I passed by my car just as a white moth landed on the car. A white moth. I have never seen a white moth. I actually said to the moth, ” oh my gosh I have never seen a white moth before, you are so beautiful!” I felt like I was presented with 2 great gifts and I loved them both equally. 

*photos taken by me. The butterfly (for therapbits) is black and white striped but muted and not bright. She had two red stripes down each wing and two red dots on the bottom of her wing but her left wing only had a top, no bottom. The white moth had this fluffy white cottony looking hair. It made me smile because it was like a toupee. 

13 thoughts on “You can still fly if you are broken

  1. Excellent photos. Yes, we wonder how the butterfly could fly with a broken wing! The hummingbirds around here usually fly south in the winter. One winter one hummingbird didn’t leave because its wings probably were not strong enough. I noticed that it only flew from branch to branch. I filled the hummingbird feeder all winter. The following summer it was stronger and didn’t stay for winter.

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  2. This is beautiful. I love the butterfly. It was so good to see her. She reminds me of myself. Thanks for sharing this. I needed this. The pictures are beautiful. I love you and I’m so proud of you for going out and that you were able to see all this beauty around you.

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    1. I’m so happy you read it because I really wanted you to be able to see her and what she looked like and feel what would look like. It is amazing really how you have changed my life. Before you came into my life I didn’t look at things the way I do now. I didn’t use all my senses and I have watched and learned from you how important feeling and touch and listening are. How those can be good things and bad things and to be aware. I really value you a lot.

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