If you sit for an hour outside of your mind

It was imperative that I got outside of my mind. The only way I know to do that is to go out into nature. Instead of going for a walk I just sat. I sat in the grass, next to the house, for an hour. I turned off my mind and turned on my other senses. I could hear a leaf hitting the side of the house stuck in a spider web. I could hear a leaf as it tumbled down the roof in the breeze and I watched it fall to the ground. I smelled the dirt and various smells on the breeze. I set my ipad on my knees pointing to one plant area. I wanted to see, if I sat there for an hour, what would show up. So many things came. For a split moment they showed up and left. Some stayed longer. 

A bright green looking fly landed on a green leaf. I watched him for 5 minutes at least. He used his front legs to clan his face. His eyes were big and he turned his head and looked at me as I was looking at him. He was very distracting to watch. He filled my brain for those 5 minutes. 

This butterfly landed. A yellow butterfly for less than a second before she flitted away. Another butterfly came right behind her that was brown with white spots. 

I looked and felt these flowers that surrounded me. The pale pink, dark pink, purple. I let my entire being just BE with the flowers. Nothing else entered my mind. 

As I stood up to go inside I saw a large variety of moths on the wall. Then a lizard that looked, to me, exactly like a dinosaur. He was very photogenic. 

It was a nice break for my brain, to be absorbed in the beautify of the earth and not trapped inside itself.