Little bit of humor

I saw a snail on my glass door. I love snails. I have no idea why but I do. My daughter and I used to put food all over the outside deck table and see what the snail preferred. Tonight the snail preferred a banana. 

So I hung out with the little fella for awhile. We named him Samson. 

The snail decided he wanted to climb on my face so he did for some time! It is an odd feeling having a snail slime across your face. And just FYI, the slime does ot come off very easily. She here I am with a snail selfie. I am pretty sure this is the most original selfie I have ever taken!!!when all else fails…hang out with a snail! It willl cheer you up! Or maybe that’s just if you’re me

19 thoughts on “Little bit of humor

    1. ” so this girl gave me this banana and I ate it all and it was the best thing ever and then she offered me baby food and i hated it and then a french fry but I had no interest so I just climbed all over her and she talked to me as if I somehow understood human language but I think she was nice anyway and I super duper slimed her entire face because I felt like it!”

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    1. We offered him tons of food. He acted baby food. Loved the banana. I have really long videos of him but wordpress wouldn’tlet me upload them. I could not believe how big his mouth was and how big he could open it!
      He was fun .made my daughter laugh. We sat outside for a few hours with that snail! The things we do!!!!

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    1. You are sooooo funny.i was thinking about you and I wanted to share him with you. He was so interesting and it felt like he was just sliding along. Yep, he climbed from my cheek to my nose to my ear and left a layer of slime along the way! It made riley laugh so it was so worth it

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  1. I’m not a big fan of snails in real life but I love all the drawings of snails in medieval manuscripts where they get up to all sorts of things, often battling against knights in armour (try googling ‘medieval manuscript snails’).


  2. Beautiful. Snails are a great reminder of patience. I think that’s why they are so slow. God has been teaching me a lot of about patience lately. I love the pictures. The part about the banana is really funny. I’m so glad you found some humor and something so beautiful.

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  3. Love this! I don’t think we have snails here. I’ve never seen one anyway. Just slugs, those slimy things that come out after a rain. This was fun. Watching the snail eat banana is adorable, but I wanted that video to be longer. 🙂


      1. Would you mind reading my where is god post and give your opinion on the comment sections where there are comments?i would really appreciate it.


  4. Your love of nature is catchy. Loved seeing the snail on your face. I’m catching up reading blogs. I’m busy visiting my mom in the physio place. She hates the food there, so lately I make her a meal and bring it. She told me she wants to die. She is depressed. She is also angry. I told her I understand wanting to die. I’m hoping life will get better for her, but who knows? It might not.

    I cannot even imagine how painful your life is. To be as sick as you are and have a sick child is beyond horrible. Now your husband won’t be home. My heart goes out to you. I’m sorry people have hurt you with their comments.

    The place where my mom is? They wont listen to anything I say. Her feet are swoolen and bruised. I asked them to look at them. The nurse said, “Look, it’s hot. My feet swell when they are hot.” I told her my Mom’s feet are freezing. So she looks at her feet. I ask what it could be. She shrugs, says she doesn’t know and walks away. I say I want a doc to look at them. They say, “We can’t just call and get a doctor here. Call your Mom’s doctor. ” Mom’s doc is away til 30th. Fuck me. This is only ONE of the many issues Mom has they do nothing about. No checking her blood to measure blood sugar, no giving her a Vit B12 shot she needs every month. When they say nursing care, I see no care or caring at all.


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