The cow

I pulled onto the prairie and immediately heard this cow. There were tons of cows and I didn’t know which one it was that sounded so completely forlorn. I do not speak cow but I can tell you that this cow was so sad. I searched for him. Pulled forward and back. There were just sooooo many cows in the field. So I stopped and one walked to the fence. He made the lowest saddest noise. I spoke to him for awhile. I took a short video then I just talked to him. I couldn’t walk up to him because the edge was too steep and my legs could not do that. So I listened. I sat there and listened for a long time. I started to tear up at him and this sad sound he was making. I thought maybe he was hungry. Right then he bent down and ate some grass. Nope. Not hungry. He then walked over to other cows making this noise. They didn’t acknowledge. They did nothing. Then he made the most awful noise I have ever heard. It was as if he had just broken down in sorrow and started sobbing in this gut wrenching noise. No one listened. He walked off away from the herd. He was small. Not a nursing baby because I saw those frolicking about. Maybe he missed his mother and he was too old to nurse. I wasn’t sure. I felt such pain for him. What would it have taken to stop his crying? A mother? Someone to stand next to him? He seemed to be telling me exactly what he needed but sadly, again, I don’t speak cow!

What does it takes to notice someone in pain. What does it take to notice someone in need. What does it take to offer help and mean it. I believe so many people walk around those in need. They mull about, like these cows, acting like nothing is happening. The person can be screaming out in agony and others will just cover their ears. It is no surprise so many feel alone. There is a lack of simple presence out there. I know it. I feel it. I connected to that cow because…well, I am that cow. 

11 thoughts on “The cow

    1. I hope the video worked. Lately thy havent been. Could you let me know? I just wanted to be there for him. I know some people may think i am bizarre but it just seemed he was hurting.
      Thank you as always thank you

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah the video works. (I missed this when you first posted it). You’re not crazy. I would’ve been the same way. But then maybe I’m crazy too. Lol…Oh well I’ll take it. We can be crazy together. 😀


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