Vegan cooking, some easy meals, some hard.

Vegan tacos are my daughter’s favorite. So simple! Sautéed mushrooms, onions, garlic, and some olive oil. Stuff that taco full of lettuce and tomato and then the sauteed parts and bam. Yum. I’m sure you could find tons of things to add to this but she is limited in what she can eat. I am just adding a picture screenshotted from my instagram. I am too tired to crop out all the extras so hey, you can follow me on instagram now because now you know my user name!!!!  

Vegan pizza takes more time! A LOT more time. I make the sauce by sautéing onions and garlic in olive oil, then adding crushed tomatoes and wine and himalyan sea salt basil and oregano(she can’t have pepper). 

The cheese..ughhh the cheese. Here is the cheese recipe:

2 cups of diced cooked (boiled) yellow potatoes

1 cup of cooked chopped finely carrots

1/2 cup of potato water

1/4 cup of nutritional yeast, plus 2 tbs  extra of the nutritional yeast

1/2tsp of Himalayan sea salt

1 tbs lemon juice

Strain the potatoes and carrots and put them in the blender with all of the other ingredients and blend blend blend. 

We buy our pizza crust from a deli that makes vegan/gluten free crust. I put the sauce on, then the cheese, then sliced mushrooms and tomoatoes topped with basil leaves and cook at 400 for 8 minutes. The prep time destroys my kitchen. It will take a good hour to clean his mess up when you are finished but well worth it.

Left over cheese used to make vegan mac-n- cheese. Looks like regular kraft right!!! You can also use the left over cheese heated and drizzled over a baked potato, add a cup of peas and you are halfway there. 

Sweet potato strips are another favorite. 

I cook 2 sweet potatoes and peel and mash. I add 1/2 cup of black beans cooked and strained. I add one cup of cooked brown rice. I add salt, finely diced onions. Mash them all together and form into strips. I cook them at 415 for 30 min flipping half way through. 

I have this week altered this to veggie burgers by adding mushrooms and corn. 

If you try them out, let me know how it goes! I am always interested in new vegan ideas or tips!

18 thoughts on “Vegan cooking, some easy meals, some hard.

      1. Ok WELLLL to be totally honest I made something last week that my daughter said tasted like cat food!!!! So I failed terribly on that one! But I tried and that sweet girl ate it anyway because she said if I could make it she would eat it. I told her I wasn’t gonna eat it! But she did bless her little heart.

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      2. Oh my gosh this is so funny that you use this phrase!!! It is something my husband always says. He says his food is better because he makes it with love and mama (me) didn’t and that is why his food is always better!
        It’s just a joke. But it is so funny you said that I made it with love because I so did!!!! But it still was awful

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  1. These all look amazing! I’m not sure I’m motivated enough to make my own vegan cheese! But I definitely need to branch out from same few meals I have been cooking lately. ☀️


    1. That’s kind of what inspired me. I was doing the same thing and I got bored of it so the vegan cheese…yeah…real pain…but sooo good for you! And I love nutritional yeast. Did you know it is the perfect food? It is so good for you. We also do pea protein shakes with fruits and spirullina and I also juice veggies but my daughter isn’t too keen on that so I mostly drink it. It is all destruction of the kitchen though. When i bring out the juicer it’s a mess of a disaster.
      It’s fun trying new things though. Maybe just the veggie burger? Right now we don’t have a grill but they’d be so good grilled. I’m glad you found them on my site!

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      1. I love nutritional yeast too! I’ve been out for a few weeks as my main grocery store doesn’t carry it! I need to do more juicing, I need a new juicer!
        And summer is a great time for grilling some veggie burgers. Ryan will occasionally make us bean burgers. We’ve been on a spicy kick lately so I’m thinking we need to step up our vegan tacos! I planted a ton of different peppers in our lil garden. I get so excited for my garden this time of year!☀️☀️☀️
        I want to explore your earlier posts more after we get back..Ryan is telling me it’s time to start packing. It’s time to head home soon… 😫


      2. I LOVE tacos with peppers. My daughter didn’t but I always put them in mine.
        I ended up buying nutritional yeast at amazon last time becasue i ran out at the local shop.
        We have a champion juicer. The first one lasted 21 years. Then it died and we got a new one. They are expensive but last 21 years!
        Have a safe trip

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      3. I never thought of Amazon for nutritional yeast! 💡 great idea! I’m totally doing that when I get home… been stressed lately, maybe I’m low on B vitamins.. 😊
        Thank you!


      4. We do the vitafusion b gummies. I get most of my stuff from vitacost. Sorry you are stressed!!!! You could be low on iron too. I was very low on iron and low b6 and low iron can make for a very stressful feeling.

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      5. I’m going to look into that. We’ve had some stressors this past week… but usually I handle it better. So I’ll step up my iron n b6. I have a good one at home I can take. All loaded up and ready to go… thank you!

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