A happy little challenge: Black and white

Today I went out in the rain with my umbrella to find things in nature that had both black and white on them, or something black, or something white. I was very excited at each things that I found. I did learn that it is very hard to take a selfie with a black and white goat while holding an umbrella. He did not seem to mind one bit! The black and white sky was beautiful. 

A few weeks ago I found this beautiful flower that looked like it had streamers coming out of it. Today I found an entire bush of those same flowers! I discovered a white mushroom that looked like it was glowing, a white flower that had rain drops on it (it felt like silk), and a white shell (in my back yard…I wonder how many thousands of years that has been there). In my side yard I found this white reed looking plant. I could not tell if it was going to be prickly or soft. I thought it would be prickly. Looks were deceiving. It was as soft as it could be. On my drive around I found all of these white fluffy weeks that were 4 feet tall. Some looked like dandelions but much taller. Some looked just like cotton. They felt like cotton too! I found a black and white bug, a black striped butterfly, and a black( looked like quite a singing one) caterpillar. 

I would love to see the things that you find this week that are black or white. Or black and white. Please link up to my blog so we can all enjoy the wonderful things you may find! 

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