My books of poetry

I have written two books of poetry found on amazon. My poetry is simple. I write to heal. I write to connect to other survivors. I write to share my story. My inner most emotions can be freely expressed in poetry. Some of this poetry I wrote when I was 15 years old. Some when I was 20. Some when I was 43. Every age inbetween. I have been told by some that have read it that they are best read one a day as some of them are deeply rooted in abuse and can be emotional. 

If you are looking for some poetry to connect to perhaps you can give my books a read. I’d be truly honored. 

One is titled

Here is the link:

My second book published is titled:

Here is the link:

20 thoughts on “My books of poetry

    1. Well darn it. I am sorry!!!!
      If you search amazon they should pop right up if you put the titles in. I was hoping to add the links to make it simple. Sorry that didn’t work


    1. If you download the kindle app to your ipad or iPhone you can read them. I don’t have kindle either but i downloaded them. My husband has a Verizon phone and he doesnt have an app on it and just downloaded them there and read them. We tried them on different devices and it worked on all of them. I hope there is a way for you to read them. I truly would be grateful to get your review. Please let me know if you are able to download on an app


    1. I did it through amazon kindle. It took me a very long time to do the book cover and upload the book. I also edited it and had others read and edit it (my husband mostly) for months. I didn’t want typos.
      I wanted a different kind of poetry too. Something that other people could relate to in their own ways. Honestly, I find a lot of poetry very hard. I am not a big word kind of person and most people are. I am very simple and I just wanted a simple poetry book that was also very intense and deep and raw.
      Another blogger helped me through the process of publishing it

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