Persistance in mindfulness

I went for my mindful walk with the intention of finding original bark. Tree bark. Instead I got original bark. People bark. I also had my wheelchair used as a lounge post/prop. Let me tell you this is very disrupting to a mindful walk. Between the barks of the people I ran across, the interruption of my picture taking, and the act of having to reverse my wheelchair to unhook the person’s hand from resting on it, my walk was trashed. A walk interrupted. I then looked down at my legs. Boom, spiral, wild what if thoughts. My legs. Looking at my legs made me think of my biopsy. My biopsy made me think about my muscle cells and mitochondria dying. None of this is mindful. I came home with a few pictures and the utmost defeat. 

My husband then suggest a redo for my walk. So we headed out on hour number 2 of the attempt at mindfulness. It was quite a success. 

My gracious neighbor allowed me to take some photos of flowers and plants in his yard. He has some very rare and beautiful flowers. He and his wife’s passion for flowers was so uplifting that it truly made my day. 

This flower he gave me the name of : hymenocallis occidentalis. The beautiful white flowers with streamers. 

Here are the other flowers I took pictures of in his yard. My intended bark intention was fulfilled with a butterfly on a flower as icing on the cake! It was a yellow and black striped butterfly on an orange flower. 

I am grateful for kind neighbors who share my passion for beautiful things in nature. Here this couple created an entire yard of beauty. 

On my quest for bark I found some truly original specimens! Some had peeling bark, some had sharp edges, some hollow if you knock on them, some felt like sand paper, some were speckled and soft. I felt every one. 

As I was looking at bark I saw this tree. At the very top of the tree is a dragonfly. Barely visible. But there. So tiny I never would have noticed it had I not been so intent on looking at the bark as it went up the tree.

He is up there. I can promis you. And then a silhouette of the tiniest of birds in the tree right next to it. She was singing a song. 

I wonder if you can find her… 

A dog was passing by on my left and had I not stopped to look at the dog I never would have seen my wedding flowers! In a culvert. My wedding flowers only bloom in April. It is July. What a joy to see them there. 

The rest of the walk home had beautiful yellow flowers, and a beautiful sky. In my own yard was my most favorite rose of sharon blooming with raindrops still on her. A new magnolia bloom had opened and there was a bumble bee. How excited was I that there was a bumble bee on the magnolia? Extremely! In such small things I find such great joy. 

For my friend at therapybits who cannot see my photos, I video’d  the birds singing.  singing birds make everyone’s day a little brighter. A kite, a crow and other birds


19 thoughts on “Persistance in mindfulness

  1. I felt bad & disappointed for you but so glad your 2nd walk was so nice… you taught me quite a few lessons…1. preserve…give it another try… 2. I need to slow down & observe… you show us so much we can miss out on…

    Mindfulness and staying present is a challenge for me so I very much appreciate your walks, they’re inspirational!

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    1. Ah thank you so much! I”m so glad you got something out of my writing you could use in life. That makes me feel so good!


  2. Mindfulness is something that has to be worked on for a long period of time. I’m so glad your husband suggested a redo for your walk. I’m so glad you have him in your life. I’m so proud of you. I love the pictures. I felt that I went along with you. I enjoyed it immensely. I love you. Hugs!!


    1. Thank you sweet girl!!!! It did take forever to get what I needed to accomplish which is peacefulness. That is all I want is to come home and feel a peace. That’s why I try to do these walks and be mindful to clear my brain and attain peace. It was really smart he suggested going back out. Love to you!!!! Hope you have a good day

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      1. You’re so welcome my beautiful friend. That’s what friends are for. I’m glad he suggested going back out. I agree. I want to come home and feel at peace too. I’m working on that. I love you too. I did have a good day. I hope you did too.


      2. I did have a good day! I had therapy and then we went out for lunch and then we went for a long walk. It is a husband and me day on tuesdays and I really enjoy it.

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  3. These pictures, this post…. I can’t tell you how much they bless me!

    I saw my surgeon, maybe at the same time that you were doing your walk. I learned that the cyst he removed two weeks ago was not cancer, yay! I also learned that my body was having an autoimmune reaction to the cyst. Which explains why I have been feeling so lousy. But now that the cyst is gone, I am beginning to feel better. Especially now that I know it wasn’t cancer. As bad as I’ve be feeling, I was expecting bad news. It’s great to be wrong sometimes!!


    1. I am thrilled that you are blessed by my post!
      I am so so so excited that you came up free of cancer!!!! So that cyst was wreaking havoc and now that it is gone your body could make a turn around, sounds like it already is! How exciting is that!
      It IS great to be wrong sometimes. YES!!! What amazing news. I am so so happy for you.

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  4. How wise to give it a second try! That’s a good life lesson for all of us, not to be deterred by a bad first experience. I so appreciate your sharp eye for the many beautifies that surround us, if we take the time to notice them.

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      1. Good question. Do you know what kind of tree it is? It’s not the same as the one we have here, although I don’t know the name of this one either. And this one, I just noticed it peeling a week or two ago. But then my noticing doesn’t necessarily prove anything. lol

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      2. I have no clue. I just rode around and took pictures of bark and then wondered if they always looked like that or not. It is dead of summer so I would think they would peel in the winter or fall. Maybe different trees just have different bark like the pine tree is totally different than the oak tree. I should investigate!!!!!

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