Finding beauty everywhere.

I haven’t been able to read or write any blogs in this past week as my focus has been on my daughter’s and my health and I have been extremely exhausted. 

I have, every day, taken time out to find some good. I would like to share that good with you. Just a tiny bit of good can keep you going. A tiny bit of love. A tiny bit of sunshine. A tiny bit of positive. It is worth seeking.

I visited Chapman’s pond. It is a place we walked our dog Molly for her first 7 years of life. We walked this path many times a day. I can still remember her and my daughter Riley running down this path and racing to the top. 

I noticed the same orange flower that I have on my back road so delicately laying there, then in the grass, then in the trees. I was so excited to find something that was close to my heart at home, close to a place that used to bring me such joy also. 

This live oak is in my backyard. I sit under it every day. I am often overcome with emotion when I think about the 2 hundred years it has been standing and growing. 

I went in search of a hiding flower one afternoon and I found just what I was looking for. Barely seen from the road, this purple flower tucked behind the bushes .

My magnolia tree bloomed again. I am so grateful my husband bought this and planted it for our anniversary so many years ago. 

On an afternoon walk I found that my owl had left me a present. I was so excited! I saw her a few days ago. She is nolonger with her sibling. Her mother is still nearby. I consulted with an owl specialist and it seems that my barred owl has stayed with her mother longer than usual. Maybe because her leg was injured for awhile. Her mother still hoots in the distance but I have not seen her feed my owl in a number of weeks. I was truly blessed with the feather. 

On the way home I stopped by the church where I prayed the weeks before. I pulled in and there were many cars in the parking lot. I hoped no one would mind me going back to pray again. Last time I was here I did not notice a sign that said prayer garden at all! But here is the sign. Prayer garden. How fitting! 

The strawberry in the sun. My daughter and I briefly sat on the deck under the live oak eating strawberries. We saw a squirrel eating mushrooms and thought she may like strawberries instead. It was hilarious becasue my daughter threw the strawberry and it landed RIGHT next to the squirrel’s foot. She took one look at it and ate the mushroom instead!

While sitting on the deck i watched the “guardian of the back door” this banana spider. He is friendly but HUGE. We duck under him when we go inside. 

I tried to take a panoramic shot of the live oak. 

While sitting in the car, at the walmart parking lot, I noticed the sky was phenomenal. YES, you CAN find good in a walmart parking lot. You just have to look for it. I was thrilled to get these sky photos that I have labeled “heavenly” becasue the moment I saw them I felt this heavenly peace. 

At the prayer garden…

I got home from the garden and saw right as I drove past our house and into the driveway a yellow flower. I have never planted a yellow flower at our front door. I thought, here I have been out looking for beauty and right here at my front door lies something extraordinary.  A flower whose seed just landed in the perfect spot, with just the right amount of sun, to grow and finally bloom I’ve been waiting to see what this flower did. Apparently, the blooms only open for a few hours a day and I got home in just the perfect time to see it! 

Beauty is truly everywhere. Finding it at home first, key to life. 

Last but certainly not least, I like to find a sound that my friend over at therapy bits can hear. She is a friend of mine who cannot see these pictures but I known can picture them. I found a bird for you. A little black bird with a little red streak on his wing. He was furiously pecking the ground with some serious intent. Every few seconds though he lifted his head to return the call of his friend. Here is the sound of his voice. 

32 thoughts on “Finding beauty everywhere.

  1. Your photographs with nature had always been heartwarming.It feels good to see this pictures. I had not written nor read as well for the last few weeks, I’ve been back to teaching senior high school and it keeps me so busy. I miss the blogging world more often than I think!!!!Good to be back once in a while. Thanks for sharing this post 🙂

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    1. That’s wonderful. I am sure you are such a gift to so many students.
      Thank you for reading my blog, I truly appreciate it always.
      I can imagine that teaching is a fulltime round the clock kind of job with preparing and then grading and then changing things for individual needs. I bet you are very busy!

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    1. I feel like sometimes the birds will come just for you! I went for a short walk yesterday but was feeling so run down that I turned back after lesss than 5 minutes. The wheelchair kind of vibrates on the road and it made me feel worse so I turn around and said, darn I wanted to get a bird call for CarolAnne and sure enough a hawk landed near me and yelled out a call and I video taped it. I was like YES not a wasted walk! I will post it soon.

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      1. I always wonder what you have in your country compared to here and then have to look it up. Like which animals. I know we talked about it one day the animals but I don’t know if we talked about the birds and which we have that you don’t.

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      2. Yeah I remember that, I don’t think we talked about the birds, we have starlings and sparrows blackbirds Robbins et cetera swallows in winter or is it spring LOL I don’t know, we have pigeons and crows as you you probably have over there too, I’m not sure if we have many birds that are native to Ireland maybe in the countryside but I’m in the city so I wouldn’t know


      3. Oh I always forget you are in the city. I picture you out in a meadow in a little cottage. Isnt that funny that that is what I image. But you are in the city! Do you have blue jays there and hawks? Now i’m going to have to look it up I think because i wonder what only is native to ireland

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  2. This is the most beautiful piece I have ever read on a blog. One I’m proud of you! Second I’m proud of you for doing what’s best for you and your daughter. She’s your daughter and you’re doing what’s best for her I know you are. She’s so lucky to have you as a mom. How is she? Any improvements? I send her my love and I’ll offer a prayer up for her and you. Third I love you! Fourth I really enjoyed the pictures. I am so glad you found these beautiful things to help you and give you some light and positivity in your life during this dark time. Just know that the light is there and this dark time will not be here forever. Lastly, please know that you are not alone. I am here for you and all your family here at WordPress. We love you so much and we are rooting for you and cheering you on. You are just not my friend, but you are my sister. I love you so much. You’re always in my thoughts and I’m here. Sending you my loving, healing, comforting vibes. I’m also sending you and your family a huge group hug!!!

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  3. This is a beautiful post, Bethany, no just because of the peaceful pictures, but because you invited us to share a beautiful part of your life. Thank you. Be well soon.


  4. This the best example of gratitude I’ve seen in a long time. I end my therapy groups with a round of having each person state one thing they are grateful for, well you would think I asked them to figure out the most difficult math equation ever. It’s the hardest assignment I give. And you did it beautifully. Especially when it difficult times it’s important to stay in gratitude to keep us out if being victims. It’s just good for our overall mental as well as physical health. A fabulous lesson for your daughter. I wish I could get my clients to understand that.

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    1. I believe it is critical to recovery and healing. It is something that even in the worst of times I have always been able to do. I had a seizure a few weeks ago and was laying on the floor and said ” oooh there is my daughter’s heart monitor she lost under the couch yay!” And then i looked around at everything from a floor perspective and then wrote it all out. Things look different on the floor.
      I set out each day with the intention of being mindful and finding beauty. Every day. When I leave for a walk I set an intention on what I want to find, a hidden flower, original tree bark, a tree that has survived, etc. giving the mind something to do other than pondering the past really is the only way I have moved forward.
      I thank you very much for affirming the importance of this!

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