To take back your life

The lyrics of this song I read as frequently as I can to remind me ” Cause you were never gonna take the blame anyway.” They will NEVER take the blame. I can’t wait any longer. 

So “I’m takin back my life today.”

How does it feel to take back your life. To realize, they were never going to take any blame so you just decide to take back your life. 

I don’t quite know. I am working on it piece by piece, bit by bit. I listen to my daughter sing Demi’s song  a few times a week. It gives me strength. 

I don’t feel like a warrior. But what would happen if I looked in the mirror everyday and told myself, ” You are a warrior. Take back your life!” I’m going to try and and find out!


14 thoughts on “To take back your life

  1. I read this and my heart is very happy. Tears built up in my eyes. I’m so proud of you. I’m so fucking proud of you! This is the first step to an awesome life. We can accept what happened to us and leave it in the past. We can accept that the past is always apart of us, but we chose not to live in the past. I’m so fucking proud of you. To me you are a warrior. Warriors are powerful people. They endure a lot. They are strong, but they don’t let that strength keep them in chain and in bondage. They use that strength to help others and to face another day. That’s exactly what you do. So you are a Warrior. You are a survivor. Your heart has been broken, stabbed, ripped, shattered, and so on, but you have chosen to put your heart back together and it has healed because of you be willingness and so bold to tell your story. You put your life back together. You are changing and becoming the person you were always meant to be. I truly believe that. You may not see this or know it, but you are blossoming. You truly are. I couldn’t be more proud. I am honored to have you in my life and to see your beautiful transformation because that’s exactly what it is it’s beautiful. I say beautiful a lot and I have had someone to comment on it and say you’ll say the same thing. I didn’t tell them why I say. I just let it be. I did comment on his piece and that was that. The reason I say beautiful is because it took me a long time to see myself as a beautiful person. Not many people had told me that and I believed that I wasn’t beautiful. Tyler is the first person to tell me I was beautiful and I think I believe he meant it and ever since then it has stuck. So to me you are a warrior. To me you are beautiful. I love you and I’m so fucking proud of you. You are facing the hard shit and facing the challenges and you are doing all this head on and you are going to be awesome at it and you’re going to be who you are meant to be. Again I have to tell you I’m so fucking proud. Your family and friends and those who are taking your father’s side and your family side too I say to them FUCK YOU! They can fuck themselves. You don’t need them. You really don’t. I love you! Hugs! I’m sending you lots and lots of hugs!!


    1. I LOVE that you say beautiful. Why can’t you say beautiful a thousand times?!!!! Say it! I totally understand the limits we put on ourselves and when you can finally see yourself as beautiful and others as beautiful say it and say it again! It’s awesome. I say amazing a lot. I say extraordinary, pondering, amazing. Those are the words that resonate. I say beautiful alot too probably for the same reasons you do!
      I use exclamation points alot too!!!! 🙂
      Thank you for being proud of me. Thank you for seeing the growth in me and telling me. I appreciate you. I value you. And i am also glad that you are in my life.
      The more I go on through my life the more easily I hope I can discount the bad people and brush them aside without letting them afffect me.
      Thank you for always encouraging and loving !!!!

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      1. I say it a lot. I even say it in my plays that I write. I just want to remind myself that I’m beautiful. That’s awesome. I love that you do that. You are so welcome my love. I am honored to be proud of you. Friends and I mean true friends should see things like that appreciate them and tell each other. It’s a great way to grow and it builds trust with the other person and it’s just awesome to see and say that to your friend. Thank you. I appreciate that you appreciate me and value me. I’m glad to be in your life too. I’m finding that too. I love how you put that. You are welcome!


      2. When I see your picture on your blog, the one after you cut your hair, it radiates and always makes me smile. You are very beautiful.

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    1. I just forwarded you like 25 emails. Hope that isn’t too much. Was hoping me forwarding them to you didn’t wake you up because I know we are on opposite sides of the world 🙂

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      1. Hi hon no you didn’t wake me up at all I’ve been awake for the past hour and a half, thank you for forwarding everything onto me I forwarded someone to you too


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